Health & Cooking Classes

Fresh vegetables and bread market basket healthy meals


​Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can

-Arthur Ashe


Upcoming Events: 

Jan 8 - Plant Potluck and Instant Pot Demonstration

Feb 5 - Cooking Class -Soups & Breads.  Pre-registration needed

March 5 - Plant Potluck

April 16 - Cooking Class - Spring & Summer Staples.  Pre-registration needed

May 21 - Plant Potluck

June 11 - Plant Potluck


Our desire is to help you make the health changes you most want, at your own pace. While we teach a whole-food, plant-based approach to health, we don't expect everyone to completely make that choice. We know each person's journey is different, and we will walk along beside you.

We teach practical, science-based lifestyle classes geared toward:

  • Weight loss

  • Blood sugar management for diabetes & pre-diabetes

  • Heart disease management, prevention & reversal to avoid stroke and heart attack

  • Cancer prevention and complementary dietary steps to maximize your treatment if you are diagnosed

  • Cooking classes for economical, nutritious & delicious meals

  • Depression and anxiety management 

To Register and to learn more about our health & cooking classes visit the IN Health for Life Website

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