Church News

Sabbath May 2, 2020 - Online Service

Church services will continue online until further notice. Please stay tune to an email that I will be sending out this weekend explaining our recent church board decision.
  • Church Service 11:00am - 12pm and “HOPE AWAKENS”
      • For this Sabbath morning’s message at 11am we will be tuning in to It Is Written's series "Hope Awakens" with Pr. Brad Shaw. The message is entitled, “Lockdown: A Planet in Isolation."
      • Sabbath evening: “The New Normal: A World Without Fear” at 7pm.
    • To tune it go to: (primary links)

Hope Awakens News (To watch click the following link:
  • Thank you for you response to my email requesting volunteers. We have had several people step up to help us connect with those that are watching the series.
  • Please continue placing these meetings in your prayers as Pr. John Bradshaw will be beginning to make appeals.
  • Just this week we began texting each contact on our list and we have had success in hearing back from many with their prayer requests.
  • We also had one requesting bible studies with her friend. God is working and we ask for your prayers as we continue to be a part of this nation wide series.
  • We have 110 contacts for Post Falls and 43 contacts for Otis Orchards.

Food Bank In Otis Orchards - 3,650 lbs of Food for Families
  • Otis Orchards’ food bank received 3,650lbs of produce and boxes of food from 2nd Harvest in Spokane Valley last week.
  • We served over 90 families between Mon - Wed this week. This is the most families that we have ever served in the history of our 30 years of serving our community.
  • We want to praise God for that.
  • Because of this many have check out and connected with our Facebook page from Otis Orchards.
  • This morning we received 200 repackaged boxes of food to serve next week.

TITHE & OFFERING - Local Church Budget

Do we know our neighbor? Ellen G. White once noted: “Wherever a church is established, all the members should engage actively in missionary work. They should visit every family in the neighborhood and know their spiritual condition” (Testimonies, vol. 6, 296).

To a postmodern, ultra-busy, perennially distracted Western mind (such as a North American Seventh-day Adventist Christian), such counsel seems surreal or out of this age. Did she really say that we should know our neighbor’s “spiritual condition”? Wouldn’t that be a bit nosy? Perhaps offensive to our neighbor? Did she mean we should do that personally? Or corporately as a church?
Her counsel seems to be clear: “wherever a church is established, all the members should engage actively” in ministry that will denote empathy, care, and genuine service. This was the model that Jesus Christ also followed. Our Savior cared for the people whom He served in the local communities.

We are called to serve our local communities personally and also corporately as a local church. Let us be faithful and support the ministry of our faith community and thus hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To give online:
(You can also send it in to your local church at their P.O. Box address)